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With the changing winds of the internet as more and more people adopt ad-blockers, it's long been a burden to maintain the cost of running such a high-traffic, high-bandwidth website without compromising quality. As you can imagine, top tier advertisers aren't very interested in what we do, which sometimes makes our ad space vulnerable to intrusive and annoying advertisements. In the past we've accepted donations, and we greatly appreciate those who contributed, but we wanted to offer something more to those who love what we do but hate the ads.

Becoming a supporter is committing to a small donation in exchange for a complete ad-free experience on MangaStream, and a badge in the comment sections of manga releases and blog posts. We know you might have some questions about this, so we've tried to cover everything in the FAQ below.

Supporter FAQ

  • What's the motivation behind this?
    Over the past several years we've all seen the degradation in ad quality. We get emails about it every day. It's a constant fight to block shady advertisers that want to auto-play sound/video or redirect users away to malware or their app stores. It's impossible to cover our costs without ads, so we're hoping this gives users a good alternative so they can support us while enjoying an uncompromised reading experience.
  • Wait, does this mean I have to pay to read manga on MangaStream now?
    Absolutely not. You can continue to browse and read manga on the site for free like you always have and that won't change. People who donate will simply get a few additional perks.
  • What exactly do I get?
    • MangaStream will be ad-free for you when you're logged in.
    • Your name will show in a special color with an icon next to it on comments you post.
    • We're working on a few more special features!
  • What if I donated in the past?
    You're a rockstar! Click here to login and you can claim complimentary benefits based on how much you donated in the past.
    Click here to claim complimentary benefits based on how much you donated in the past. If you sent a Bitcoin donation, we're not able to verify those transactions yet, but we have a very high opinion of you - thanks!

Getting Started

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Payments are only handled through PayPal at this time. We'll be adding additional ways to support us in the future.