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Early Jump, Late Jump

Since so many of you have been asking for updates on Jump and even more complained about the lack of it while it's out on other websites, we figured some things should be clarified.

Jump was on break last week due to Japanese holidays and so the new chapters of Naruto and One Piece are scheduled for today. In fact, we're currently slowly working on them. Slowly because many of our staff are away for various reasons, most of them simply being on holidays. In other words, it'll still take us a while, as unfortunate as that may be. Don't expect it before tomorrow morning GMT.

As for the leak of the super early Jump over the weekend on other websites? See, what happened was that the Chinese official publisher, who gets the official chapters way in advance much like Viz in America, leaked those super early chapters. Whether it was the actual publisher or some individual within the company or w/e, we have no idea. Several groups went ahead and slapped a shitty Japanese -> Chinese -> English translation on those leaked chapters and released them. We'd rather not tread into such murky waters so we'll just continue doing things our usual way.

Thanks for your patience guys and we'll get the newest releases out as quick as humanly possible.

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