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Mangastream... Commence Recruiting!

Here's your chance to help out! We're looking for some new faces to join our team and assist us with the series that have a tendency to lag behind for a variety of reasons (time, resources, fapping, etc). 

We're looking for a permanent translator for UQ Holder. 

We are looking for someone willing and eager to translate UQ Holder to lessen the burden on our translators. If you're skilled and would like to help out with this, please send an email to - with a brief bio including any and all experience in translating manga.

Edit: Thanks for the applications everyone, we've found our translator: Southrop! He'll be translating UQ Holder starting chapter 4.

Experienced cleaners and/or typesetters to help out with monthly releases. 

We can't train you from scratch, but we can help you refine your cleaning/typesetting if your performance meets our rigid standards. To apply, send an e-mail with a few samples of what you feel best represents your work. Any previous experience is a huge plus, any need-to-know information about you (nothing too personal if you don't feel like it, but hey, if you want to confide in us about how you still sleep with Mr. Snuggles we won't judge you...too much). 

Edit: Thanks for applying! The cleaner position has been closed due to overwhelming number of applicants.

Redrawers for both weekly releases (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, etc...) and monthlies. 

Mainly we need artists for this, specific training/tips regarding techniques on how to redraw manga can be given if we see the seed of dedication and motivation sprouting from you (wow, that sounded poetic...please give me a second as I pat myself on my back).

For these positions please visit our recruitment page.

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