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Manga of the Dead

Phew, we're finally done. We've been working on this volume during the breaks between Jump issues for the past couple weeks, and we're really happy to have managed it within our self-set deadline. Feel free to treat this as early Christmas gifts - and what's there better for Christmas than a whole Volume of shocking, thrilling, terrifying (and sometimes surprisingly dirty) Zombie stories?

I know what you're thinking, this would've been so much cooler if we had released it on Halloween. Sadly we only discovered the volume around then, so we didn't manage it in time. Besides, it's kind of befitting for Christmas as well, what with all the theme of being resurrected from the dead, not unsimilar to what this holiday's protagonist is believed to have accomplished by many.

Unless, of course, you do it like me and celebrate only the food and the presents around this time of year. In that case, be my guests brothers and sisters - there's nothing better than some creepy stories around this time of the year, am I right or am I right? Watched Black Christmas the other night. Damn, what a nice movie. And no, it wasn't what you're thinking now, pervs. Though, that said, some of the series in this volume are quite 'hentai', so don't read it at work or with your grandma behind you - it's NSFW.

Anyway, I'm rambling too much. About the manga - It's essentially a collection of short stories - 8 of them in total. You probably won't recognize many of the mangakas of the individual series, but they're really awesome nonetheless. Particularly the 3rd, 5th and 6th were my favorites, but let us know in the comments which you liked best. For the big names, the volume also features 3 AMAZING illustrations. Careful though, they're not for you if you're touchy when it comes to gore. And by gore I mean GORE. In caps. They were drawn by these guys: Hiroe Rei (Black Lagoon), Samura Hiroaki (Blade of the Immortal) and Matsumoto Jiro (Freesia).

While we're at it - a gigantic shout-out to our translator Rinjikou! Thank you man, we wouldn't have managed this without you. You translated the whole volume in rocket-speed and we're really looking forward to working on another obscure series or two with you in the future. Also big thanks to Gambler, who helped me redraw some of the most annoying pages of this volume - you really saved me from tearing my hair out, that you did.

We really enjoyed working on this volume though, don't get me wrong. We're big fans of one-shots and short series to begin with, so this volume was just a lot of fun. Smoky did a great job at finding different fonts for each series, appropriate for the style of the series and as close to the original Japanese fonts as possible. We also had quite some fun translating some of the more challanging titles. Check out the images below, they show the original and beneath that the translated version you'll find on the reader:



Finally, we'd like to say - yes, there will be Naruto this week, stop nagging about it. No wait, I meant to say - we at MangaStream want to wish you happy holidays (whatever you're celebrating) and a happy new year. We hope you enjoy this volume as much as we did! And yes, there's going to be one more issue of Jump this year, please read the previous blog entry to find out more about that. Now - I'm off! Time to overeat!

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