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Quick Plug for All Out

Hi all. It's been awhile, but we finished another batch of All Out. We've actually finished translation up to 99, lol, but please bear with us, we're rolling in exhaustion lately. We also did the earlier chapters that we skipped before! (Nothing wrong with the other scanlator's version, we were just hype on having the series here!)

I (plumjucie) originally agreed to translate it because it was a simple manga, but damn if I didn't fall in love with it, so I'll just make a quick plug for it. Ten random things I noticed about it:

  1. Coach Komori don't beat around the fuckin' bush.
  2. Neither does Ebumi. and some other players. Do real rugby players get this angry? I like it.
  3. It feels like a sports manga written by a mom.
  4. Said mom also likes to include scenes with the parents being parents.
  5. Heartwarming. Actually so warming it'll give you heatstroke. You meet a lot of differents kinds of people. Some who like rugby, and some who couldn't give two fucks.
  6. Boys learning to deal with life when all they wanna do is play rugby.
  7. The games are portrayed real-time, and rely more on pictures and reactions rather than lengthy explanations.
  8. Although the art style is hard to get used to, everything else, like the writing and life lessons, hits home. (Also there's an anime if you'd like to see the animated character designs.)
  9. There's a lot of fuckin' characters, and the author loves every single one of them.
  10. Rugby is fun.


Before reading this manga, I knew nothing about rugby (aside from people telling me people lose their ears, lol). So as I was reading, I had to look up a ton of terminology, and check up with the typesetter (who knows/plays rugby). It's basically trial by fire, with the author throwing Gion into rugby games without much explanation. (Hence why he barely knows anything aside from tackling, kek.) Explanations are incorporated in later chapters with a good progression, but if you want to know how to play the game immediately, you're gonna have to wiki it. Honestly when I first started reading, I was like, damn, there's 15 guys on the field doing who knows what at all times, what the hell am I watching!? xD Eventually I figured it out, and now I enjoy it just as much as Eyeshield and Haikyuu.

Anywho, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!

- PlumJucie