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Chapter Released
018 - Hand Nov 19th, 2017
017 - Ao Oct 16th, 2017
016 - Vessel Sep 11th, 2017
015 - The Supporting Shadow...!! Aug 21st, 2017
014 - Teamwork...!! Jul 9th, 2017
013 - The Value of a Trump Card! Jun 4th, 2017
012 - Friends...!! May 2nd, 2017
011 - A New Mission!! Mar 31st, 2017
010 - My Story...!! Feb 23rd, 2017
009 - You're Just Like... Jan 26th, 2017
008 - You Must Act Dec 22nd, 2016
007 - Clash...!! Nov 17th, 2016
006 - Loser Oct 20th, 2016
005 - Momoshiki and Kinshiki!! Sep 8th, 2016
004 - You Damn Geezer Aug 5th, 2016
003 - The Chuunin Exam Begins!! Jul 8th, 2016
002 - Training Begins!! Jun 2nd, 2016
001 - Uzumaki Boruto!! May 3rd, 2016

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