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Donate to Read Manga Ad-Free

As more people adopt ad-blockers, it's long been a burden to maintain the costs of MS without compromising quality. Top tier advertisers aren't interested in putting their brand next to fan translated manga, which means we often get those intrusive and annoying ads through networks.

Becoming a supporter is donating Bitcoin in exchange for an ad-free experience on MangaStream, and a badge in the comment sections of manga releases and blog posts. We know you might have some questions about this, so we've tried to cover everything in the FAQ below.


  • Wait, does this mean I have to pay to read manga on MangaStream now?
    Absolutely not, and please continue to support the publishers by purchasing volumes and subscriptions through official routes if they are available to you. You'll always be able to read manga here for free. Donating is optional and goes to support our op costs (servers & bandwidth).
  • What exactly do I get?
    • MangaStream will be ad-free when you're logged in.
    • Your name will show in a special color with an icon next to comments you post.
    • We're working on a few more special features!
  • How do I get Bitcoin?
    The easiest way is to sign up at an exchange like Coinbase, CEX, Bitfinex or Kraken. Most exchanges deal with customers all over the world, and will let you buy Bitcoin with payment methods you're comfortable with.
  • Will you accept anything other than Bitcoin?
    We may consider accepting other crypto-currencies in the future, but we are no longer accepting public payment methods like credit cards or PayPal for security reasons.

Getting Started

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Enter the username of the person that's receiving supporter benefits. You can use this to gift ad-free browsing to a friend's account, or just apply it to your own.

Send at least 0.0003 BTC to the following address. Any amount less than this will be considered a donation without the intent of receiving supporter benefits. This address is unique to your MangaStream account, and you can top it off as often as you'd like, whenever you want. You will receive approximately 1 day of benefit time for every $0.10 USD (at the current BTC/USD exchange rate). You can track the transactions on your account page.

Your benefits will activate once the transaction has at least 1 confirmation on the blockchain. This can take awhile if you don't include an appropriate fee. If you have problems or concerns, you can reach us a [email protected] - include your account name and transaction hashes or the bitcoin address for faster resolutions.